kkkk Meaning – What is KKKK and KKKKKKK?

KKKK > Here you can get to know about kkkk, kkkkkkk, kkkkkkkk, kkkkkkkkk, kkkkkkkkkk with full abriviation. If you are looking for kkkk then here you can get the best information about these strange words. Its sounds are very petty. It sounds so crazy but all of those have good search traffic on the search engines. Even, those strange alphabet sequences have meaning.


What is KKKK?

KKKK is nothing but a wrong word that basically has no meaning. But if you try to find any information about kkkk then here we provide some gratefully and interesting information and also explained the meaning of it. The Alphabet “K” Is the first alphabet of “kkkk”.


WORDS K Alphabet Uses
k 1
kk 2
kkk 3
kkkk 4
kkkkk 5
kkkkkk 6
kkkkkkk 7
kkkkkkkk 8
kkkkkkkkkk 10

So, guys all of those slang words are using for multiple reasons.

2 Abbreviation of (KKKK)


KKKK ➡  King khan king khan

KKKKKKK  ➡  Kim Kong King Kim Kong King

Why is it sounds so strange?

It sounds strange because there are no words that exist like it. KKKK is building with 4 Alphabet and the common alphabet is (K). If you say someone to KKKK then the person may not be able to understand it. But if you use it as a code language then it makes sense.



Does It Have any specific Meaning?

It doesn’t have any specific meaning. I think you never get heard of any words with over 3 same alphabets. The slung (kkkk) doesn’t have any specific meaning to the expression. Most of the country’s secret forces use this type of sludge for talking with each other. This type of slung called MOS code.

Mos Code With Alphabet K  Words Meaning
1 k Go
2 kk Go Left
3 kkk Go Right
4 kkkk Stop at Position
5 kkkkkkk Go and get ready for action

10 English Alphabets “K”


  • K + 1 > K
  • K + 2 > KK 
  • K + 3 > KKK
  • K + 4 > KKKK
  • K + 5 > KKKKK
  • K + 6 > KKKKKK
  • K + 7 > KKKKKKK
  • K + 8 > KKKKKKKK
  • K + 9 > KKKKKKKKKK
  • K + 10 > KKKKKKKKKK

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